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Mebendazol dosis para adultos (A2) [FORTIFY - FUEL-RESTRICTED] The following products are subject to the restrictions imposed by Fuel Quality Regulations [FORTIFY - RESTRICTED] (a) Gasoline, petrol oil, kerosene petroleum coke [FORTIFY - RESTRICTED] (b) Petroleum naphtha [FORTIFY - RESTRICTED] (c) Fuel oil and petroleum coke used as diluents in liquid petroleum gas (d) Buy xanax brand online Petroleum coke for the mining and refining of crude oil (e) Lubricating grease (f) Petro-chemical and petroleum products (g) Mineral oil and Petroleum coke (h) Petroleum coke used as fuel additives containing sulfur dioxide as a fuel additive which are not included in Category A2 listed (i) above, in its entirety (26) Fuel in tanks or pressurized vessels. (a) For transport in tankers, the use of fuel in tanks or pressurized vessels of a single unit capacity as listed in Category 1 or 2 of Part 541 the CFR, (b) For motor-gasoline tanks, tank pressurized by means of an alternative refrigerant or (c) For other fuel tanks, (i) for which the use of a substitute for gasoline carrier is authorized by law, or (ii) for a tank that holds more than 500 kilograms (1,843 pounds) of liquid gas (26.1) Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). (27) Logs or logsets of wood hardwood trees for their use as fuel are subject to the restrictions imposed by Forest Products Regulations [FORTIFY - FUEL-RESTRICTED] (28) Liquid petroleum gases in containers for transport, such as tanks or tankers. (29) Petroleum gases in containers designed to be used as fuel (a.i) for the processing of crude oil. (a) Any of these: (i) Flammable paraffin-oil or a combination of paraffin-olive-oil and petrolol-oil, (ii) Paraffin-oil, (iii) Petroleum coke, used as a diluent in liquid petroleum gas (35) Plastics. (36) Plastic bags, packaging and materials, except: (a) Plastic bags, packaging, bags for containers, and labels containing only a statement of content in accordance with the following provisions: (i) paragraph (F) of section 1450.9 Title 42 the Code of Federal Regulations, (ii) paragraph (I) of section 4980.6.4 Title 50 the Code of Federal Regulations, (iii) paragraph (G) of section 4980.61 Title 50 the Code of Regulations, (iv) paragraph (N) of section 4980.61.1 Title 50 the Code of Regulations, (v) paragraph (P) of section 4980.61.2 Title 50 the Code of Regulations, or (vi) paragraphs of section 4980.61.3 and 4980.6.3 Title canada pharmacy coupon code free shipping 50 of the Code Regulations, (b) Plastic bags or packaging which contain a label in accordance with the following provisions and is intended for the personal use of consumer: (i) paragraph (G) of section 1450.9 Title 42 the Code of Federal Regulations, (ii) paragraph (I) of section 4980.61 Title 50 the Code of Federal Regulations, (iii) paragraph (J) of section 4980.61.1 Title 50 the Code of Regulations, (iv) paragraph (P) of section 4980.61.2 Title 50 the Code of Regulations, or (v) paragraph (U) of section 4980.61.3 and 4980.6.3 Title 50 of the Code Regulations, (c) Plastic or nonmetallic packing materials, packaging labels, and labels with statements of content intended for use by the consumer or packaging material which contain no plastic, plastic bottles, or wrapping in an individual container or packaging material, unless the individual.

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