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Can ciprofloxacin cure gonorrhea in men" [23]. These results are not necessarily surprising considering that Ciprofloxacin's inhibitory activity on S. aureus growth and resistance is due exclusively to its active component ciprofloxacin. Ciprofloxacin is an orally active antimicrobial and therefore has the potential to have a direct effect on pathogen development by altering both microflora and virulence genes [24,25]. The findings from a recent cohort study of 6,400 patients undergoing antibiotic treatment for gonorrhea support this finding. Sixty percent of patients treated with ciprofloxacin in primary and secondary prevention regimens had an increased frequency of S. aureus colonization and treatment failure, compared with 15% of patients in the control group [6]. Although observed effect sizes in a population-based cohort with multiple risk factors for gonorrhea infection [20] seem large, this finding should be confirmed with larger cohort studies. This effect may represent a dose–response relation, such that even an antimicrobial drug with a low relative efficacy has measurable effect on pathogen colonization [26,27]. Although not the only route of action for ciprofloxacin, increased antibiotic susceptibility may be the primary mechanism for its clinical effect on gonorrhea in MSM. clinical trials, increased susceptibility was also associated with a higher frequency of STIs for individuals with previous gonorrhea, as well an increased risk of HIV infection among MSM with previous gonorrhea; however, studies larger numbers of persons exposed to antimicrobial agents [28] have failed to find these associations. The potential impact of this effect on gonorrhea London drugs canada coupon policy transmission in MSM is an area of concern. As the prevalence gonorrhea decreases in United States and HIV prevalence has increased among MSM, it become increasingly important to understand mechanisms by which the presence of gonorrhea infection contributes to the development of an STD [29]. Antibiotic susceptibility is thought to reduce the antimicrobial, as decreased antibiotic susceptibility enhances gonococcal antimicrobial resistance canada pharmacy free shipping coupon code and thus decreases the ability of antibiotic to control bacterial pathogen growth [30]. Therefore, increasing a patient's susceptibility and the efficacy of antibiotic by increasing antibiotic-resistant bacterial genotypes may increase the number of STIs and may also contribute to the increased risk of HIV infection. Our study has several limitations, including the large sample size associated with our study and the fact that we had limited information on factors associated with STI and HIV risk such as circumcision or drug-taking behaviors. However, our findings are in line with most previous studies on gonorrhea in MSM, including the largest cohort-based study in San Francisco 1996–1997 [6]. Despite limitations in our study, the finding of strongest association between ciprofloxacin and gonorrhea in Adipex kaufen online MSM appears to be consistent Alprazolam buy online with previous studies in the United States, and may explain why gonococcal infection is associated with high rates of HIV acquisition in heterosexual MSM [2]. The prevalence of STIs in MSM increased by about 50% between 1990 and 2002. It is possible that the increase associated with an increased number of infections in MSM, which would explain the increase in STI incidence. findings of increased risk HIV in MSM are also consistent with other studies among the United States [31], and are likely associated with factors that affect the transmission of STIs. These results emphasize the importance of STD clinic visit in identifying and reducing gonorrhea risk for MSM, particularly if individuals are in treatment or care for patients with STIs.







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